Video documentation is an important part of our work.  While images can capture a moment, video captures the unfolding of events in a way that attributes cause and effect.  We encourage citizens to document any concerns they have with the horse carriages or incidents they witness through pictures or video.  These days, cell phones provide a quick and easy means to document  these concerns on the fly.  Because the horse carriages are out on public property, there is no restriction on your ability to film.

If you get footage of a horse carriage traffic incident, safety concern, or cruelty issue please send the footage or images to us at

December 23rd, 2017.

Overloaded horse trolley horse slipping on pavement multiple occasions.  City of Victoria bylaws state that a horse drawn trolley must not have more than 20 people on board, we regularly documented 25 plus passengers during these Downtown Victoria Business Association sponsored tours over the busy holiday season downtown.

August 8th, 2017.

A carriage driver is caught stopping for passengers outside a liquor store and the passengers appear to be opening the bottles and one bottle is passed to the driver who accepts it.  It is illegal to drink in public.

August 4th, 2017.

Bits can cause both physiological and psychological damage to horses.  They are used to control the horses by inducing pain or by the threat of pain.  Despite claims from the carriage companies that horses “chomp at the bit” out of habit and not out of distress or discomfort, the research shows otherwise.

October 2nd, 2016.

During the visit of the Royal Family to Victoria in 2016, preparations for their arrival caused a great deal of distress to horses working due to irregular and loud training exercises by police.

June 5th, 2016.

Down at the horse carriages. It was an incredibly hot day again and horses that are being forced to work in the streets should at least have access to clean water and food.
This horse, Cash, was licking food and water off the concrete likely because his food dish was empty and the water bucket was too far away for him reach on the tether. As you can see in the video he his standing in and almost tripping over the food dish and another empty container. I asked the driver if Cash wanted water and she said “no, he’s just licking up the crumbs.” She then offered him some of her slurpee a few minutes later.
Also, you can see that his collar is not properly attached, which other drivers from across the street came to explain to Cash’s driver. She said she didn’t have the chain to attach it properly and left it at that.
When you are walking past the horse carriages pay attention to what is happening for a few minutes, take pictures and video, and send them to us to share and document. It all helps us get horses off the streets.

June 7, 2016.

Just two days ago we took footage of a carriage horse that has concerned many about the operation of the horse drawn carriages in Victoria. Today we went back and within minutes were able to capture footage of a carriage driver on her cell phone while driving two tourists. This compromises the safety of the horse, tourists, and other drivers on the road.

 July 25th, 2016.

This morning at the corner of Pandora and Wharf St. Before the video started, it was reported the horse was pushing the carriage back and forth in a panic.
This is why it is so important to document everything. Every day incidents like this take place with the horse carriages; spooked horses, near misses, and irresponsible behaviour by drivers.
Just because it is not a major collision does not mean that it isn’t evidence of ongoing concerns with the safety and operation of the horse carriages. Horses do not belong in city streets.