Victoria Horse Alliance knows that many people in the community feel compassion for the horses used by the Victoria horse carriages when they see them in the streets, but don’t know how to help them. That is why we are developing a toolkit for people to share our materials on social media and to print off for demonstrations and leafleting.  After all, sharing is caring.

If you have an image of Victoria horse carriages involved in an accident or other incident in the community, please share them with us through our contact page. We will be able to use these images as evidence for concern against the horse carriage companies to help get the horses off the streets.  If you would like to remain anonymous all you have to do is let us know.  We will not make public your contact with us except the material you want us to use. Thank you.

Some suggested hashtags for posts are #banhorsecarriagesvictoria #saynayvictoria #itsexploitationnottransportation #crueltyfreevictoria #banhorsecarriages #twowheelsnotfourlegs


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Victoria Horse Carriages
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All the images that Victoria Horse Alliance uses of Victoria horse carriages are taken by Victoria Hose Alliance.  We make every reasonable effort to remove identifying information from the images of any persons who do not want their faces shown and of the staff for the horse carriage companies.

However, it must also be recognized that because the horse carriages operate in public spaces it is completely reasonable for them to be photographed while doing their job and likewise while people are using this service publicly.  Because our focus is the horses and not to offend or injure those who work for the horse carriages or ride them, we will hear any reasonable request to modify images, that we haven’t already, to mask-out faces.