Help Victoria Horse Alliance Ban Victoria Horse Drawn Carriages.

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Report all carriage accidents

Call the BCSPCA to report all carriage incidents: 1 (855) 6BC SPCA /(1-855-622-7722)

Did you witness a horse-carriage incident in the city or in your neighborhood?  We would like to share your story or any pictures you have with the community to help raise awareness of the danger and unpredictability of this inhumane business.  Send them to us and we will do our best to get them out to the public and right people.

Click to email the BCSPCA

Please email the BC SPCA and let them know you don’t support horse-drawn carriages and that you hope they don’t either! Tell them to make a specific position statement on the issue, and that guidelines of care are not enough.

Click to email the City of Victoria

Tell the mayor and council that horse-drawn carriages do not belong in the city streets or anywhere else. Also, tell them that the B.C. SPCA’s guidelines are not enough and don’t address the unnatural environment the horses must work in.

Click to email the Downtown Victoria Business Association

The Downtown Victoria Business Association traditionally pays for free horse-drawn trolley rides through downtown Victoria during the holiday season.  Let them know you don’t support them paying to put horses and the citizens in danger on city streets!

Click to Email UVic Food Services

For the past several years UVic Food Services department hosts a visit from “Santa” in a horse carriage.  There is no reason to exploit horses for this kind of cheesy entertainment when Santa could easily be presented somewhere else on campus without this ride.  Please tell them you don’t support the exploitation of other animals for entertainment.

Sign the Petition

Sign and help us end this inhumane industry.

1,511 signatures

City of Victoria: Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages.

City of Victoria Mayor and Council, we call on you to take action for the safety, health, and integrity of the horses used in the horse-drawn carriage industry in Victoria B.C., and for the visitors and citizens who live here.

WHEREAS past efforts to regulate the horse-drawn carriage industry have not stopped collisions in the streets or inhumane treatment of the horses used in this industry.

AND WHEREAS in the last 20 years, Victoria has experienced over 20 collisions and safety concerns involving the horse-drawn carriages which threaten the lives and safety of the horses, visitors, and residents in our city.

AND WHEREAS there is documented evidence of improper maintenance of the carriage equipment placing horses, drivers, and pedestrians at risk.

AND WHEREAS there is documented evidence of careless and reckless operation of the horse carriages by those driving them in the streets.

AND WHEREAS there is evidence the City of Victoria is losing $20,000 in annual revenue from the current rental agreement established between the City and the horse carriage companies.

AND WHEREAS recent documentation of Victoria horse carriage horses feet indicate improper and inadequate care which has been condemned by certified farriers, and which has led to a cruelty complaint being filed with the BC SPCA.

AND WHEREAS research indicates that the “bit” used to communicate with the horses in the Victoria horse carriage industry causes them pain and discomfort which can lead to chronic physiological and psychological health issues.

AND WHEREAS Victoria Horse Alliance has compiled a report which outlines how a “phasing out” to a ban could be naturally accomplished by Dec 31st, 2017 based on current rental agreements between the City of Victoria and carriage operators.

THEREFORE WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, urge the City of Victoria’s Mayor and Council to act in the interests of the horses used in the horse carriage industry, as well as the interests of citizens and visitors of the City by passing a resolution for a phasing out of the horse carriage industry, leading to a natural ban to be effective Dec 31st, 2017.

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