It is extremely important to us to communicate with the public, organizations that support the horse carriages, the carriage drivers, and the carriage companies themselves in a respectful manner.

It is our policy to never make personal attacks upon any employee of the horse carriage companies or  the carriage companies themselves.  We do not see the carriage workers or owners as bad people; however, we will report honestly and openly on any evidence based concerns we may have or that are reported to us, and this may at times frame the workers and companies in a negative light.

In the end, we would prefer to work with the carriage companies than against them and we are always open to having constructive dialogue with all individuals involved.

Jordan Reichert is the Victoria B.C. representative for the Animal Protection Party of Canada (APP).  Victoria Horse Alliance is a community advocacy project of APP.

Our goal is to the run an inclusive, respectful, dynamic, and comprehensive campaign to ban the horse-drawn carriages from Victoria, B.C.  We believe that the horse carriages present an unnecessary safety risk to the horses, citizens, and visitors to Victoria that the city has a responsibility to remove.

Furthermore, we believe that regulation of the industry is not sufficient to address the underlying animal welfare and exploitation concerns presented by putting non-human animals to work in city traffic.

It is also the responsibility of local businesses and community organizations to not promote or partner with the horse carriages for ethical, social, and practical reasons.  That is why we take the time to request that any organization that associates with the horse carriage industry, end those relationships.

Together we can make a difference for the horses and keep Victoria beautiful without the exploitation of this antiquated industry.

Thank you,

Jordan Reichert

Jordan Reichert of the Victoria Horse Alliance and the Animal Protection Party of Canada talking on Citizens Forum about the campaign to ban horse carriages from Victoria. 

Who is Victoria Horse Alliance?

Members of Victoria Horse Alliance are concerned citizens who demand that the interests of the horses used in the horse-drawn carriage industry be taken seriously by Victoria city council and that the city ban the horse-drawn carriages for the well-being and safety of all.

Our community is made up of experienced animal advocates and activists from many backgrounds and locations of Victoria, B.C.  We are citizens who understand our voices are the most powerful tools we have for those who cannot speak, in this instance the horses used in Victoria’s carriage industry.

We believe that it is time for a concerted effort to ban the horse drawn carriages from Victoria.  This means working with the community in a way that understands how this issue affects a diversity of interests, while maintaining the core fact that the horse-drawn carriages are an inhumane industry.

You are an important part of this community because you have a voice that the horses need to represent their interests in being off the city streets.  By joining our community you can make a difference that will be remembered for years to come and that will improve the lives of the many horses used in this industry today and for tomorrow.