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Victoria Horse Alliance is regularly in the media due to the high profile nature of the inhumane Victoria horse carriages industry.

Here are many of the links to written articles, tv, and radio interviews  that we have done with the media.  We appreciate their coverage of this important issue at both a local and a national level. This page will be updated regularly.

Sometime we are misquoted in these articles which is unfortunate, but part of the busy mainstream media reporting process. If there is a specific question that you have about any of the claims we have made, please let us know and we will do our best to address it.

For example; there are many organizations across the world working to ban horse carriages in their community based on inhumane treatment of the animals. However, it is often reported that horse carriages have been banned from specific cities, when this is not necessarily the case.  We have never claimed or reported that horse carriages have been completely banned from any city; although, their have been in some.  We do recognize that many cities have chosen to remove them from their downtown cores, but we have been misrepresented saying they have been banned from numerous cities when that is not what we said.  Thank you.

Victoria Horse Alliance Video:

Local News Coverage:

CHEK News:

Animal rights activists ask Victoria city council to ban horse carriages

Animal Activist group calls for horse carriage ban in Victoria

CTV News story on horse that broke free from carriage in James Bay Aug. 19th, 2016.

Victoria Animal News article on citizen account of of what happen on Aug, 19th, 2016.

“I was shaking for hours afterwards.” What really happened in James Bay

CFAX 1070 Radio Interview (Starts at the 18 min mark).

CFAX 1070 Written article:

CTV News Vancouver Island (Video):

CTV News Written article:

Global News:

The Province:

Times Colonist:

Victoria Animal News:

Petition To Ban The Horses Carriages Launches

Victoria News:

National News Coverage:

Huffington Post B.C.

Metro News: Toronto

Toronto Star:

Vancouver Observer:

Winnipeg Free Press:

News From Montreal:

CBC News:
Horse carriage banned for one year in Montreal

International News Coverage:

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