Letter Sent to Victoria Carriage Tours and Tally-Ho Tours.


I am writing to introduce myself and the organization I operate, Victoria Horse Alliance,  so that we may have an open dialogue about our positions and concerns regarding our efforts to ban the horse carriages from Victoria.
First of all, I would like to recognize that while we likely have different perspectives on whether the horse carriages should be used on city streets,that I appreciate the difficulty of your position in discussing this matter with me. I am sure you have dedicated a great deal of time and energy to your business and such an investment is always difficult to have challenged.  I hope that we can be civil to one another and speak constructively.
Victoria Horse Alliance has been started to raise awareness of what we see as animal exploitation in the using of horses for entertainment and profit. Our concern rests with the well-being of the horses physically and psychologically, as well as how their presence in the city romanticizes and enables animal use industries. It is our perspective that regulations and guidelines for care off the street cannot transfer over into protecting the health, interests, and integrity of these animals when they are put to work in the city streets.
We would like to work with both carriages companies, Tally-Ho Tours and Victoria Carriage Tours, to find an amicable way of transitioning the horse carriages off the city streets. We understand this is likely not an ideal situation for yourself and your staff. However, we are committed to making sure the horses find suitable sanctuary or retirement homes if needed, and if we can support opportunities for staff retraining to find other means of employment this is also something I would be interested in discussing further.
I also want to clarify that while our campaign is focused on raising awareness and bringing to light the negative aspects of the horse carriage industry, it is also something that we want to make sure we do right. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.
Thank you for your time and consideration of this correspondence. It is greatly appreciated.
Jordan Reichert
Victoria Horse Alliance
Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada
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