Events are the cornerstone of our campaign to ban the horse carriages from Victoria B.C.  While it is important for us to have a strong online presence, we must also engage the communities that are effected and have concerns about the horse-carriages in person.

Victoria Horse Alliance events are well organized, respectful, and inclusive spaces for people to express their concerns and participate in the direction of the campaign.  If you have ideas you want to on the agenda or would like to present at an event let us know and we will do our best to include it in the time we have.

Please join us in the community to help us understand better who we are working with and how we can help you engage in this important animal liberation and community issue.

eventsJuly 24th,2016

Victoria Horse Alliance raised awareness with thousands of people in the Inner Harbour today about the inhumane horse carriage industry. The carriages weren’t in their usual place because of a car show that was taking up the entire harbour, but we found them around the corner on Humbolt St. We saw horses without water, carriages backing into other horses parked behind them, and other careless behaviour.
Thank you to everyone who joined us today, voiced their support for us, and the horses. Share and show your support for a ban of the horse carriages in Victoria, B.C.


ban horse carriages victoria

Dec 20th, 2015

Our last Trolley Walk of the season as the horse drawn trolleys in the downtown core comes to an end.  Come join us to represent the horses and show your support for a ban of the horse carriages in Victoria.

Facebook Event Page.

Dec 13th, 2015

Another successful Trolley Walk this weekend with lots of community support again.  CHEK news even came out and gave us a little coverage, although it didn’t adequately represent our perspective.  Still, we appreciate them covering it.

December 6th, 2015.

We spent the day peacefully protesting the horse-drawn trolley’s sponsored by the Downtown Victoria Business Association by walking with the trolleys and carrying signs.  We are so grateful to the community for their tremendous support as we made our rounds, it lets us know that the horses have your support too.  We’ll be back out there again every Sunday until the trolley rides are done, so join us for the horses.  Like our Facebook page to RSVP.

November 29th.

This weekend Nov, 28th the horse drawn trolleys will begin to pull loads of upwards of 30 people through the busy holiday season streets of Victoria.  Drivers constantly get frustrated being stuck behind the trolleys and speed around them which can spook the horses and injure people.  We have seen people jump on the trolleys in the middle of the road, children fall off the sides of the trolleys, and drivers jump between trolleys while they are moving in the middle of traffic!

You can help raise awareness of the dangers of putting animals in the middle of traffic by joining Island Animal Liberation and Victoria Horse Alliance this weekend.  IAL is already doing a demo to raise awareness of the inhumane Canada Goose coyote-fur coats Capital Iron sells and they will also have people with signs and info about the horse carriages for this week.  Join them by clicking the image to go to the Facebook event page.