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Former Horse Carriage Driver Quit Because of “Mistreatment of their animals.”

For years now, the horse carriage operators in Victoria have been exposed for treating the animals in their care inhumanely, outside of the general practice of putting horses in the streets with traffic. Every time new evidence comes forward regarding the welfare of the horses or reckless business practices regarding the operators, this information is […]

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Sorry Victoria, There Are No Free Trolley Rides.

What is the real cost of a free ride? Each year, the Downtown Victoria Business Association sponsors free horse-drawn trolley rides through the city of Victoria.  This was previously marketed as shopping tours and is supposed to be an attraction to encourage people to spend money in the downtown core during the holiday season. While […]

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Victoria Horse Carriages: Summer of Distress

The horses working for Victoria horse carriage industry are regularly in distress and danger on the streets of Victoria, B.C..  In the summer months, this is exacerbated as they face increased pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic, and higher temperatures. Incidents were regularly witnessed in the small fraction of time we were able to view them. […]

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