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Please be aware of a scam currently being perpetrated by the horse carriage companies in response to our petition and evidence of animal cruelty.  They are using a similar name to ours, have started a Facebook page, created a website, and a petition to mislead people.  This is how desperate and scared they are of the evidence brought against them.  Their interest is only in continuing this exploitation and ignoring the legitimate cruelty concerns brought against them.

Thank you for your attention to this.

Victoria Horse Alliance

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It will take a community effort to liberate the horses that work in the carriage-horse industry from this inhumane and outdated form of animal exploitation and tourism.  We need your help to spread the word and take action on their behalf and on behalf of all citizens and visitors to Victoria who are put in danger by their forced labour in our city streets.

victoria horse carriages

Victoria Horse Alliance is for the horses, not the horse carriage industry.

Violence against non-human animals is everywhere in our society, but some of these practices are more visible than others.

In Langford, the rodeo is now gone because people spoke out against the inhumane practices of that industry.  In Oak Bay, Sealand of the Pacific has been gone for many years after a fatal incident due to the inhumane conditions of the orca whales kept there.

Now, it is time for the horse-drawn carriages of Victoria to be banned for the inhumane practice of forcing horses to wade through city streets and endangering public safety.

This is animal exploitation, plain and simple.  Every time we go out into the community to raise awareness and challenge this industry we meet concerned citizens who agree, horse-drawn carriages in Victoria need to end.  For the horses and for all of us.

Thank you for your help in making a difference in our communities for horses and people.

We Cannot Wait Any Longer.

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Victoria Horse Alliance is a community advocacy project of the Animal Protection Party of Canada.  You can help support our efforts to end the exploitation of horses in Victoria by donating through the main APP page.  Thank you.

Mayor Lisa Helps: Ban Horse Drawn Carriages in Victoria

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